-MrMai Ukulele In France
-Karim Ukulele Therapy
-Tu y trouveras des covers et des leçons pour apprendre l'instrument en t'amusant, car si tout le monde jouait du Uke,il n'y aurait plus de guerre.
-Ukulele Bobby
-MrMai Ukulele In England
-I can't make you Love me (Ernie Halter cover)
-'Champagne for my Real friends...
Real Pain for my Sham friends!...'
-MrMai Ukulele In England
-Got A Ukulele

-Has now morphed into the largest database of
independent, non commercialand impartial instrument
reviews on the internet.

-MrMai Ukulele In New Zealand
-Paul Jonson

-I am loving living in this little gem of a country New
Zealand, and am continuing to "Perfecting My Personal PIZZAZZ" with music as my medium, and ukulele as
my tool, and helping others do the same.

-MrMai Ukulele In Germany
-Andreas David

-Ich habe in den letzten 15 Jahren viele Ukulelen
gespielt. Mir ist es wichtig, alle Hersteller persönlich zu kennen und keine anonyme Massenware zu verkaufen.

-MrMai Ukulele In Japan

-MrMai Ukulele In Brazil
-Lucas @Ukecifras

-Maior site de ukulele da América Latina. Nossa missão é ensinar esse instrumento maravilhoso.


-MrMai Ukulele In Norway
-Nordisk ukulele

-Etablert seg i Norge og Sverige for å bidra til utbredelsen av den morsomme, nedstressende og fredelige ukulelen.
-MrMai Ukulele In Argentina
-Flor Ansaldo• Musicandome

-Bilingual Ukulele Tutorials for begginer and intermediate level! Songs, Playalong, Covers, Ukulele Tabs, and more.... Stay Tuned!!
-MrMai Ukulele In Spain

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